I forgot to buy peanut butter, and I am sad.

Sometimes I wonder, how can people live if they are allergic to peanut butter, or eggs, cheese,,, dairy in general??? I love all of those things and if I was at risk if I ate them it would be so devastating! WHAT ABOUT NUTELLA FOR BREAKFAST!!!! Never again could my life be the same.


Anyway, this week seems to be going better than I thought it would. Locking myself in my room for all of Saturday and most of Sunday was seemingly a good idea, as most of the work I was fretting over is done. Feeling free is such a great feeling. I'm not going to lie. It's like eating a chicken curry omelette, but in feeling form. (Have I not said that chicken curry omelettes are food of the gods?) It's a wonderful thing.


My friends made fun of me because I took a picture of these flowers. I just thought it was cute our school had potted daffodils! They're my favourite flower, look how cute and yellow they are! (Not this photo though, they were pretty dead.) But gosh. Has the weather even been nice! I think I'm going to throw my pants to the back of the closet. Shorts are easy and comfortable to wear.

Anyway, before I leave I thought I'd share a song I haven't stopped listening too. It is a Japanese song, but there are subtitles there for you! The animation is wonderful, I'd like to draw something similar someday... Just wait for the chorus, aah, it's so nice to walk and listen to this. It makes me feel really sad listening to it, but.. that good kind of sad. Emotions are weird.



I'm sure it's not just all this work that's got me a little on edge. Yesterday wasn't very good as I honestly locked myself in my room to finish work. Got a good portion of it done though, so I can't complain.

But what's got me a little upset is this. Now, I'm sure if you looked into my blog history you'd come across a post from last year-- probably dealing with the same thing. Crazy drunk student setting things on fire on St. Patrick's Day.

Number one, I feel bad for the stereotypes placed upon Irish people, ahha, I'm sure they don't even 'celebrate' this because (If I remember correctly) St. Patrick isn't even Irish? But anyway. I'm sure lots of people went out to drink, it's a given.

But shouting loudly, setting things on fire, destroying fences, flipping news cars and setting those on fire is something gone a little too far. I need to think about this. I wonder how the people living there feel? The ones that aren't barbarians I mean. There are good University and College students, I've seen lots of them! (I'd like to think myself as a good one, aha...) Though of course, on an outer level, all of them are terrible. I'm not going to lie, lots of them are terrible.

(I'm going out on a tangent here, aren't I?)

I just hope the school responds with something-- like expelling those students. Ones that aren't arrested. Actually, I hope most of them get arrested. And pay for the damages. Anyway, maybe next year they'll finally get the hint that they're causing a lot of bad reputation for the school.

I mean, most people discard anything I have to say to them because I chose to go to a college opposed to a university. People need to learn that one isn't better than another. They teach you different ways to learn, and one is a whole lot more expensive to attend. Not that either of them are cheap, mind you. But the comments on that news story are about as sick as the people who actually participated.

How are Fanshawe students scum of the Earth? Are you trying to tell me Western students didn't participate? Of course they did! And guess what, because the affected area is RIGHT ACROSS FROM THE SCHOOL, this school gets all the blame. Not that the blame isn't rightfully put. Fanshawe definitely has to do something about this area. Not only does it look like a trash heap, the people living there are part trash heap.

Now I don't remember what my main point is. But anyway, I just hope that they can fix this correctly, even if they can't stop Western students from being absolute insufferable pricks. Oops, I went there! People need to stop categorizing due to what school you went to.

I can generally categorize what you do on the weekend, so I shouldn't be talking, but please. Can these people stop coming to school and fully develop? It's mean to say, but if you're acting this way and you think it's fun and great, you aren't a human being.

Human beings are crazy animals.

P.S. don't read my twitter, the language got a little out of hand!


Perfect Weather


I have no idea why, but waking up to a foggy and dew soaked morning is such a nice feeling! If it weren't so hot I would have a cup of tea and just sit and watch but... I've got other things to do. Let's tally it up:
  • For Monday: Thumbnails and Roughs (almost finished) and Astronomy Test (study notes half made)
  • For Tuesday: Thumbnails and Roughs (I did this!)
  • For Wednesday: Research Presentation (Well, this isn't even started and my group doesn't seem to enthused to actually begin or do any work)
  • For Thursday: Website due (close to being done) and Essay about Pluto (outline done)
  • For Friday: Poster about automobiles (almost done car)

Well, I've certainly got a lot on my plate. I want to finish things but, teacher's aren't e-mailing me back, and group members aren't even in town this weekend so... I'm trying to get most of my work done. This is a problem because I'm so bad at getting work done.

To make things even worse, today is St. Patrick's day (rather be called 'get drunk day') so noisy people throughout the day is going to through me off... I'm glad two of the projects had a date extension (due to teachers being ill) but I sort of wish they were due this last week and I would have less to fret over today. But I should say 'welcome to the real world Maddison!'

It's frightening and I don't like it! I don't ever feel stressed, just overwhelmed. Are they not closely knit? I'm not sure. But just seeing all these things I have to complete makes me anxious and I don't want to delve far enough into any of them. Which has happened already, pieces of each thing are completed but nothing is actually done.

Every New Years I tell myself I'll become less of a procrastinator and guess what aha... Nothing ever changes. The more time moves, the more it stays the same. I guess that's the saying? I can't say I've heard it in speech much.

Haha, this is turning more into a personal dialogue or stream of conscience-ness. And for that I'll apologize. You guys go out there and real wasted then!!!! (did those exclamation points properly show my sarcasm or..?)


A Town Nearing Spring

Although, I wish! I'm always complaining about the weather, am I not? Haha anyway-- I was planning on posting art here for awhile but the thing is the space and bandwidth. A little something is fine to plant in here, but most of my drawings are big and hard to scale down while still looking nice. So I guess if you want to see some art you should bookmark this page and this page!

I've been in a real mood to paint and use markers but I have no idea what the subject matter should be! This is a big dilemma for me aha,,, You see. With paper and pencil it's not serious so I can just doodle and write whatever I feel like. It will be loose and fun! But when I want to paint something or colour something nicely, I'm afraid what I've chosen to draw is a bad idea! Markers and paints cost more and that might be the main reason... I don't want to waste them! I guess Digital Art really has it's perks aha.

Speaking of Digital Art, Corel Painter......... I must use it for class, and I mean yeah! The brushes are pretty neat. They're pretty close to real medium in a way. But the program itself really hates me. I don't think any previous program has disliked me so much. Even Photoshop (generally) agrees with me! (Actually, I haven't had a problem with it, more Illustrator.)

But anyway, I could go on and on about art-related programs. Have yourself a good day!



Due to my hereditary lack of energy, I have been hibernating since childhood.
Hi, I'm mx! I go to college for Graphic Design because I am a smart kid! I love to draw animu and I like food and video games. I talk about stupid personal things that no one cares about!! I'm gay for space.


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