Nature is Surprising

That's when I need to draw the line and slap Earth in the face for snowing in April! Also, sorry I haven't updated in awhile. I've had lots of work to do! And I'm on the last stretch here, with Friday being my last day!

I'm pretty excited, as I'll be done my second year of college haha! Though it is upsetting when people ask me "what grade I'm in"........ am I really that short or young looking? Though I guess the average age for this program is probably 23 (give or take) and I'm.. not that old ahhaa... I bet I'm even the youngest in the class hehe, I feel sort of special when you think of it that way.

But I should get back to work! I wanna get everything done and enjoy summer a whole lot! Good luck on all your exams (suckers) !!!!!!


Mitä helkkaria

Kuinka käyttää internetiä? Miksi on niin vaikeaa? En edes osaa käyttää tätä hiirtä tai tähän ruutuun kirjaimia. Kuinka voi kirjoittaa niitä? Taidan tehdä sitä. En ymmärrä.


Eilen illalla uhrataan neitsyitä oli tulipalo, ja onneksi henkeni säästyi. Se näyttää ne kyllästyi ja meni pelaamaan videopelejä. Mikseivät he homman? Mitä tuhlausta.


Yksi suosikkini kirjoista saa julkaistiin segmenteillä vuoden aikana. He kirjoittavat hevosia. Ei vain hevosia suuria kumppaneita, mutta myös erittäin maukkaita. Pidän hevosen enemmän kuin hai, tai kissa. Kissa ei ole kovin hyvä.

Miksei poiminta nenä urheilua vielä?


Earth Hour

Today is Earth Hour, and sadly, I don't have a lighter. So I guess I'll be sitting around in the dark for an hour. Which shouldn't be too bad! It's still sort of light at 8 aha! Though, because most people (hopefully) turn out their lights, the sky should be super clear! If only I had a telescope (or knew someone with one ahha) sky-gazing would be so wonderful, ah!

A sky without light pollution would be fantastic! But, I don't think I'd ever happen; unless we go back in time or something. Or humans die out. But then who would witness it?


So the other day, I opened up my 3DS because I had a mysterious Street Pass in the Mii Plaza-- turns out it was the President of Nintendo of America! (His Mii was sparkling) I didn't know it but, the 3DS has been out for a year! A whole year! Man, time flies super fast....


And of course I caved in because I was waiting for this game since it was announced at E3 ahha... (Hopefully my mother doesn't see this ahahahhaHAHAHHAHAh!!!!!) And let me tell you, the original game for the NES was pretty hard. I think I'm O.K. at platformers, but it was hard for me! Now, the 3DS game isn't a platformer at all! It's more of a... how could I categorize it? Like a 3rd person shooter type of arcade game! And gosh, is it ever challenging! I've been playing most of the game on the difficulty setting on 4.5 because 5 is too hard... Could you imagine playing at 9? Oh god.

But the visual appeal is super nice, the 3D adds this wonderful depth without hurting your head (like Ocarina of Time) and there's.... THERE IS VOICE ACTING!! As annoying as Pit's voice is (it's better than his voice in Super Smash Brothers Brawl, just so you know) the dialogue is so cheezy it's.... so bad it's good and I can't help but laugh at it. I'm really enjoying the game!! If you haven't tried it, I suggest you should!

And before I go to finish making a brochure about fencing and siding, here's a book I found.


The robots are among us. Hide while you can.



Today we had a group presentation about other designers, and how they influence design and other. But most of it was just examples of their work, and seeing how different people work and what they create. I really wish I could have such a different flair and style but.. I guess that comes with time! (Or something, I hope)

But today I thought I'd share some inspiration of my own! I follow only a few people on Japanese art sharing website pixiv, but I always get excited to see art from a few different people. Haha, I guess you can say they really inspire me? Not that I want to draw just like them, but really take aspects of what I like from it and.... yeah you get the idea.


This work was actually uploaded the other day by an artist who goes by maruco. I found some of their art browsing tumblr (they have themselves a tumblr page actually!) and really liked it.


Lots of their artwork is pastel in nature but also has a nice harmony between the colours. I think it was mainly maruco's art that got me to start colouring the lines so they weren't so black and harsh. Though the way they colour their lines is pretty fantastic, and I'm not adventurous to do the same thing and make it look nice...


Now, Rosa (ろさ) is a new artist I just started following. I think one of their pieces was on pixiv's daily ranking, and I can see why! I really like the composition and really soft way of getting around things.


But ah, I can't seem to describe it! The digital brushes they use are really nice and have this like loose but also together painted look. I get pretty excited when they update something!

Anyway, it turns out both of them have a tumblr address, so if you're not comfortable looking at pixiv or have a hard time reading Japanese you can see maruco's work here and Rosa's work here.

I'm in a mood to paint now! Too bad I've got to make posters and write an essay. Oh well, there's plenty of time in the future to paint! Anyway, if you're feeling uninspired, just take a look around the world wide web! I'm sure you'll pick up in no-time. There's just so much out there!

And here, I'll sign off with a song for today. Smell ya later!



Due to my hereditary lack of energy, I have been hibernating since childhood.
Hi, I'm mx! I go to college for Graphic Design because I am a smart kid! I love to draw animu and I like food and video games. I talk about stupid personal things that no one cares about!! I'm gay for space.


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