It was supposed to rain, and instead it's sunny

This morning was especially nice. I really like chilly mornings. I generally like chilly because I can wear more clothing ahah! That's why winter and fall are the best seasons!

taking a walk
I wish I was this cute ahah

Anyway, Fridays class was a work period, and the teach said. "You don't have to come." But it's me-- I'm a nerdy dork so I went. But that's okey, because I finished a project thats due two weeks from now ahah! (We also had to make a Soviet Propaganda Poster.. All of my layers began with 'In Mother Russia...')

a mew
Yes, this is a Mew.

Also, beginning today.. October 15 is the Mew Wi-fi distribution! I don't like Mew, but it's basically the most elusive Pokemon out there ahah! (And this would be the only way to get it legitimately..) So anyone who has a Pokemon game for the DS, do get one! It probably won't last very long, so.. I guess it's like a LIMITED TIME OFFER WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

Haha, anyway.. I better go record some voice samples!

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