Rainy Days
I've realized that I put up lots of little drawings.. It's actually a lot of fun ahah It's also not egotistical that I even draw what I'm wearing ahah!

So, it's been raining almost every single day. I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow afternoon because I have to bring a canvas and illustration board (with tissue on top) to class! I don't want them to get wet and.. slimy ahah!

But rainy days are the best to sit and doodle, especially when you've done all your homework previously ahah! Artwork and songs seem to sound better when created on a rainy day.

There was also a fake fire alarm today, I was talking it up on the phone and then the speakers started to beep loudly, so I grabbed my key, a sweater, and put on some shoes, getting ready to evacuate. Then it just stopped. I kept watching outside, and no one lined up.. So I just went back to whatever I was doing. (Nothing.)

But the most annoying thing today is my internet! If I'm logged in, the site is fine.. But I generally log out of sites, just so they don't get hacked etc. But I can't use Youtube (I wanted to upload a song cover) or Google, or my e-mails! (Which is the worst) So hopefully it's cleared up before the end of the day.. I need to check my e-mails! (I never get any though ahah)

(So send me e-mails)
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