Taking a Break from Squares

I actually don't hate squares as much as I dislike letters. They prove to be much easier to draw ahah Although my inability to draw a straight line will hurt a lot more when I go to paint it in.


I was taking a break, playing some Pokemon, and realized.. Why is Sneasel in the original Silver game.. Brown and blue? From that point on Sneasel was changed to navy and pink. I mean, was he not dark enough when he was brown? Because those colours make a little more sense for an ice type ahah But whatever. Sugimori changed it.

ness and pika

Also, Ness and Pikachu make great partners in Super Smash Brothers. Just saying. I'm not going to brag and say 'I PWN UHHHH', but my win streak is a much higher number than my loosing streak ahah. I need some real competition here! FF Just kidding. PK FIRE, PK FIRE, PK FIRE, PK FIREEE!

Also, I think I got Wifi to work for some Online Pokemon battles! Just message me if you want to win ahah! (You just think you'll win.)

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d'aaawwww sneasle maddi looks so cute~
  • 2010-10-05 13:24
  • kit
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FOR REAL? IM STILL GOING TO BEAT YOU AHAH (Maybe not, you never know.)

Sneasel Maddison is pre coo, I must say?


TOTALLY! I just need to like, actually train my pokes.

I like iiiit! Now I can draw "pokesona" comics!
  • 2010-10-06 14:10
  • kit
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