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I tried to write 'September 31' (9/31) as the title, then realized THAT IT'S OCTOBER! Look at that, eh! But anyway.. Yesterday my one class was cancelled, and instead we were to get down to the museum for an assignment. Basically, we got into groups of 4 and found an art piece to split and each draw a piece of it. Since hardly anyone showed up, I got paired with these kids in my class.. and oh man ahah. We were walking around to find a picture and there were the most ridiculous paintings and things there. But I guess it's art, you can't challenge it.

wat is dis
The boys in my group stopped at a painting that looked quite like this shouting "BOTTOM LEFT CORNER!"

Although we settled on a painting by Ray Mead called 'Dark Image'. (I'm sorry I can't find a picture of it on Google ahah Basically it's a bunch of black, beige and orange shapes and stuff.)

But today I think I had a terrible day.. I had no clue about a workshop being due today, as I'm sure I heard the teacher say we would have time to work on it in class-- and there was nothing about it on the webpage were he posts the work we need to have done. I'm kind of embarrassed, but I started to cry in class, I mean, not loud or anything.. ahah

sad face
This is me being sad..

I'm glad I stayed back to talk to the professor about it, so I still have a chance to do it now.. Half a mark is way better than no mark! I know for future reference to try and get everything done, even if I don't think it's due ahah! But anyway, in that class, my next assignment is to design a website! I'm pretty excited! I think I'll put my awesome GRAPHIC DESIGN SKILLS and make it really awesome!! Try and blow everyone else's into the water! Hahahaha!

But yeah, have a good weeken everyone! I have homework to do now ahah!

yaay me
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i like that you added fun pictures to your journal. I hope that your classes go smoothly, and that you work uber dilligently from now on! I'm rooting for you!
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