I like hats

Also, going off onto a tangent here-- This is my 91 blog post! I can't believe I've written this much, holy ahah But anyway..

lucas hat

I know winter isn't too far away, well.. Maybe it is ahah I don't know. I don't think it snows in November anymore ahah! But it's been raining a lot lately and I.. I really like rain. But I've been playing Pokemon Pearl recently because I got two of room-mates back into Pokemon ahah and I realized how much I love the boy player's hat.. beret thing.. And now I really want one. (Pictured above ahahha) I mean, it would match my.. red scarf and red Canadian!gloves.. The only problem is, WILL I LOOK LIKE A DORK? Most probably. WILL MY EARS BE COLD? I'm sure. AND, I DON'T EVEN THINK THEY SELL HATS LIKE THAT (minus the Pokeball thing) SO MAYBE MY DREAMS ARE RUINED.

Ah, I don't really care ahha I have this awesome argyle hat that my mum bought me teehee! I probably shouldn't even be writing about snow, don't want to jinx it!
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ha ha ha

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