Pokemon/Working Out

ポッケト・モンスタス !! 君は実にバカだな!
That was may bad attempt at trying to write Poket Monsters.. FFFF. Oh I am terrible.

But, anyways.. I have been on this huge like, Pokemon weekend thing. Like, my DS has friggen' died so many times.. I left it on all night so it would look like I played for a long time. (OH me..)

But I realized one thing that will make me run my eliptical. (FF Yes, I have tons of excersice equipment at my house.) So, here I am.. I haven't had a shower in awhile because it's summer and I'm not going anywhere.. FF But I'm in my pajamas (= Zelda shirt YAH) running on the thing.. Staring down at my DS. OH MAN. I RAN 20 MINUTES ON THE HARDEST SETTING AND DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE. My father walked downstairs and made the best face. He was all "WHUT" and I was like "YAH! MY CROAGUNK IS EVOLVING!!1But.. yeah. Maybe if I keep this up I'll finally have nice legs. FF The only thing I want are nice legs and to be flat chested. FF I'm closer to the second thing.. But I want both. (Is greedy..? 欲わ?) 

Also, I re-visited one of my favourite websites ever.. Bulbapedia.. Oh man. I had so much fun yesterday.. Sitting there.. Reading about them Pokemanz. Aahh..

Well, I guess I'm off to go train my Pokemanz into evolution.. FFF
(FFF Hopefully that's right.. ;| )
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[C13] My english, excuse it

well, if you're plan works out, then not only will you be even MORE skilled than me/Spade than you already are, BUUUUT~ you'll have the body of modles/10 year old boys!
  • 2009-08-14 22:35
  • mija chula
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