I tagged this as a rant because, WELL, IM GOING TO RANT. I HOPE THATS FINE WITH EVERYONE. (Although, should I even be asking? It is my blog anyway aha.. ha..)

But today, I got dressed to go and do my laundry, which takes forever!-- But aside from that.. I honestly got dressed and was down there for like 3 minutes. I bought (my mother bought) me new jeans, and I JUST PUT THEM ON. AND THEY ALREADY HAVE A HOLE. A NOTICEABLE HOLE. IN THE CROTCH AREA. (also weird brown lines everywhere..?) It's not like I can just sew them up too.. I'm glad that no one noticed, or said anything BECAUSE I WENT AND CHANGED. I'm very upset with these jeans too. They were really dark, and because my black jeans faded to grey I was hoping on wearing them with my sweater vest.. BUT MY DREAMS ARE RUINED NOW. THANKS STUPID FRESAS STORE. I'm glad the other pair are fine. UGHH I DONT EVEN THINK THE STORE HAD A RETURN POLICY. WHAT CAN I DO NOW? IM NOT WEARING THEM. NO ONE NEEDS TO SEE MY UNDERWEAR, PLEASE AND THANK YOU. But the thing is, I don't think I could have broken them because they aren't tight and it's not like I do crazy crotch area stretches in jeans. I must have bought them like that. WHICH PISSES ME OFF FURTHER. DID I NOT DO A THURAL CHECK OF THE ITEM? ARGGHHHH!

But I hope that everyone gets the lesson from this. Look before you buy. And don't shop at stores where the biggest size is a 10. Or where the store clerks don't look like they know their own name.

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*snicker* Oh man, that's terrible! (and kind of funny)

hmmm, I think my mother knows how to fix that, and I have a super good sewing machine. Bring your pants when you come home, and if we get together, we can fix em! >w<

KYAAAAAAA! Tu dejiste "fresas" aaaaaaiiiii~ miamore~ que bella eres~ ^///^
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