Paper-cuts are the devil

Honestly! I go to pick up a large stack of paper, and in return I received many little cuts all over my right hand! PAPER IS LIKE LITTLE GLASS KNIVES.


Also, I got creeped today. Yes, creeped. You are probably wondering, 'what is this all about'? So I'll tell you. Me and a girl from my Graphics class were sitting around on a bench waiting between classes, just chatting it up, you know? Then this large guy sits beside me, so I slide over a little bit, but every time I moved, he moved as well. It got worse when his friend/employee decided to sit on the opposite side of the bench and squish us all together. The proceeded to lean over us and talk about football and the like, until both of them told us to move because we were intruding their 'personal bubble'. I mean, I was laughing the entire time aha! I'm sure people walking by were either confused or.. confused? I actually don't know what they would be thinking aha!

But I think I'll just post more pictures now.


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O_O that's beyond creepy my friend.

OOOOH! the atom picture is sooooo pretty!

^ ^ and your room is very quaint. I see you have widdle Kaito with you~ ^ ^ hee hee
  • 2010-09-13 16:57
  • kit
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Haha, it actually isn't that creepy, now that I remember it aha
Eh, the thumbnail looks pretty FF The original looks.. kinda shabby..

I have to bring Kaito with me!


aibeit that the real thing looks A-MAZE-ING.

hee hee, now aren't you happy you have a generous friend?
  • 2010-09-15 14:59
  • kit
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