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I walked to my classes today, and.. I saw a chipmunk and was all "SO CUTE", because well.. They are! And when I walked back, there was a squirrel! And it started to jump.. Which was weird.. Really weird.. But I hardly see any cute animals at home because my neighbourhood is probably around 17/16 years old and the trees aren't very big so.. yeah.

But I had another fun class today, we basically watched videos on how people manipulate the masses and such.. Like how that Edison guy who 'created' electricity killed a bunch of animals, in front of people, with electricity to show some other guy that electricity can kill! What a jerk..! (The other guy.. Who's name escapes me, discovered the AC current, which really.. Is more important) Then we talked about how the internet is.. well, awesome and sucks at the same time, and watched this mini documentary on it. We think the internet has been around forever, but it's very recent.. And how far it's come too! But the best part was where we just watched some Youtube videos aha! And my homework was a fill in the blank sheet of terms.. and I knew most of them too aha! (Because they were all computer related.. and computer art related aha!)

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sounds like you are having a really good time. ^ ^ I'm sooo happy to hear that!

I wish I could be having fun with you tho~
  • 2010-09-11 22:49
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