Yup, that's what I'm drawing right now. My interpretation of them look like snowflakes and strands of hair. (Or something much like that..)


I'm sorry you can't see it very well..

But yeah, my first real classes.. So far, it's been pretty fun. I mean, it's only the first week, and I already have like, 2 assignments due for next Thursday. Which shouldn't be too bad, since one is this atom one and the other is drawing 60 squares. (Don't ask) I also apologize for the terrible picture quality, I need to charge my camera batteries.. I used my internal camera in the laptop aha.. But I'm going to conclude that my teachers are awesome, and the lectures give me lots to think about. (Especially creative concepts, we had this discussion about how everyone is creative but we are educated out of it. Crazy, but it made sense.)

Well, it's 10 thirty, so I'm going to draw some squares and go to bed pretty soon. I have a class tomorrow at 8 in the morning. Better get the Tea Maker ready aha!

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THAT LOOKS SO COOL! I want to see the whole thing when you finish okies?
share your creative insights with me later on!

  • 2010-09-10 09:47
  • KIT
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[C179] @KIT

Haha, maybe I'll post it when I finish. I want it to be colourful!


it'll be fantastic! I want to see your wonderful college art. DON'T KEEP IT FROM MEEEEEEE!
  • 2010-09-11 22:44
  • kit
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