You probably know where I'm coming from with this aha, no. I'm not going to make any P3 references aha. So I haven't really updated this because I've been talking to people, and well.. There isn't really that much to be said, I guess aha. I mean, the room I'm in now gave me some troubles, and most of them have been fixed. For example, I was supposed to move in Friday-- and that didn't happen because I DIDN'T HAVE A BED! There wasn't a fridge, and there wasn't a microwave. At least I had a mini-fridge in my room to keep things cold.. Because when we finally got the fridge, IT DOESN'T WORK. AND IT'S STILL SITTING THERE, GOD.

But whatever, I'm just getting used to everything and drawing a whole lot aha.. after I cried over my tablet that is.

And okay, I lied. I'm living with Yukari, Fuuka and Mitsuru... haah.

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you lucky bastard.

I'm kidding, you can have 'em. I'm glad that you're getting used to your place now. ^ ^ I want to see it, if that's okay.
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  • kit
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[C177] @kit

Haha.. ha.. :I
I can put up pictures if you'd like, but maybe seeing it first hand is more fun? It's kinda small aha!

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