Rain stops, Goodbye

It's the last day of August now.. I guess summer break passes more quickly than expected. (Well, it does every year, you'd think I'd have learnt this by now aha) And now I'm packing up all my stuff to move out-- whoo! I'm starting to get pumped, but I don't think I'm that excitable a person? (Maybe this is a lie) I'm just a little upset because I didn't spend as much time as I wanted to with my friends who are leaving/ staying. But i guess that's all my fault because I usually wait for people to call me.. I'm just pretty lazy. Not as lazy as a panda though ahaha.

I need to get my blog into shape though! I think I'll start to use it as a journal when I'm away. Although it might not work out, because it seems like I won't be taking my precious computer with me. Poor guy is old and hard to move aha I don't think it'll sit on the desk in my dorm. (I don't think they except people to bring desktops.) But I guess it's alright, I can always use the library there for computer things. (I just hope their internet is satisfactory aha)

Well, I guess it's mx ooout! (Or something like that)
Maybe I'll think of something better when people actually read this aha

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[C175] it's bittersweet

I'm glad that I got to hang out with you a few times. I REALLY wanted to do lots of get-togthers with everyone... but stuff didn't work out *sigh*

I'm sad that you can't bring your computer, THAT MEANS NO MSN-CHATTING! :A:

please message me as soon as you can! ^ ^ I'll be here if you EVER need ANYTHING! Okies? Just cuz we'll be farther apart, doens't mean I won't still bend over backwards to help you out of a pinch!
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