When I finally realize the truth
I twist my fingers around until they break off
I'm not anxious or in a hurry
I want to make my wish
And reach my palms to the sky.

The rain hits the pavement like I've heard before
the smell swells my eyes
and I lie alone
and listen to the song
while trying to breathe through memories
I clutch to my chest.
Like an old book, I'm slowly melting.

If we as the whole human race must run
I hope we come in first
and our footsteps to be traced.
But as the years pass
they've made their own path.

My mind becomes dark
and as I light a candle
I remember why I choose not to see
the messages you left to me.
But when the light is gone
Everything close to me has left.

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Due to my hereditary lack of energy, I have been hibernating since childhood.
Hi, I'm mx! I go to college for Graphic Design because I am a smart kid! I love to draw animu and I like food and video games. I talk about stupid personal things that no one cares about!! I'm gay for space.


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