So, I finally decided that it was time to fight Red in SoulSilver. Now I'm all "Why didn't I fight him earlier?" FF Because my Pokemon are basically level 89-90. (I have this obsession with training Pokemon so they're all the same level. I've been like that for awhile now.) But anyway. He was much easier to beat than I though. Honestly. But he's easier to beat in original Silver because YOU DONT NEED ROCK CLIMB HNNGGG I had to leave my Drifblim out of the party to go fight him. I had a level 8 Geodude instead. Yeah. Like that's gonna help fight a level 88 Pikachu. (Which I one hit killed with my Gliscor heehee) But yeah. I had the hail on my side when I RIPPED HIM with my Weavile and Froslass. Yeah. I beat a Charizard with a Froslass. (Of course, with some help from Mismagius.) Also, do you see the pattern going on here? ALL MY POKEMON ARE PURPLE. Which is funny, because purple isn't really my favourite colour. I just bought purple bed sheets for my dorm though FF YEAH.

In other news, aside from me being a NERD, I am an even bigger NERD. Michiyo and Chiyo are finally released!!!!!!!!!! (Yes, that many exclamation points are necessary.) I know that no one reads this, and I am okay with this. But really, check them out! I've been working on the both of them for like.. 2 years now. I can't believe now many times I've had to start over and crap because my computer likes to be a b*tch and fail all the time. That's okay computer. I still love you. Not that much, but you're somewhere in my heart. I hope I can take you to college, but I'm sure you won't fit. Anyway.. uh.. yeah. Go to the PSS website because that means you can download Michiyo and Chiyo and do random crap with their voices. Like make them chirp-- or turn them into men! I don't care, as long you don't do like.. Perverted things. That's just gross, okey? Like really.

Aaand to top it off, I started using drawr -- it's this site that's connected to pixiv.. It's like Tegaki basically. But Japanese and I CANT WORK IT VERY WELL UH OH. That's okay. Experimenting is fun anyway.

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purple bed sheets to match your PURPLE POKEMON PARTY!?
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