Goodbye for now---

I'm packing today, and I have a little break while my laundry is being washed.. so.. I'm leaving tomorrow and will be gone for two weeks, aha. I'll be sure to post up some pictures on my deviantART when I come back. I can't wait to go to PEI! And see whales! Be really close to England! (hahaha) etc. etc. So, have fun without me guys, and expect lots of art when I come back. Now that I have SAI it takes and easy.. Like 30 minutes to fully line-art something.. and it looks really nice!

In other news, I almost cried yesterday because the cometic crack in my DS lite finally detached itself.. And now it doesn't stay closed! If you hold it, it's just so limp now.. And the worst part is that it doesn't stay open either! I have to play it at a 90 degree angle or fully open or else it falls.. I mean, the thing is 3 years old, so there is no hope in sending it back for another. And I don't really care. I'll get over it. As long as my games and save files are fine, I'll keep playing it. Plus, it's a nice black and red one. And I just don't want to spend money to replace it. I need to spend money on other things right now.

So uh, yeah. That's it for now haha!

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