Meet Pollyanna- She’s as happy as happy can get!

She can turn something sad..2.jpg

Into something happy, in the blink of an eye!

Pollyanna cries too, but she knows that happiness is around the corner! Like a rainbow on a rainy day!

Many things that happen have happy endings.. Let’s see..

If your friend is frowning...

Tell them a joke and they will smile right away!

If you hurt yourself helping someone...

Be glad that they are safe!

When you drop your ice cream..
10 copy

Your mother can always buy you another one!
11 copy

If you win a toy you don’t like..
12 copy

Give it to someone who will like it!
13 copy

When you fall down, don’t cry..
14 copy

Get up again and do it better!
15 copy

When bullies try to hurt you..

They really just want to be your friend!
17 copy

If your friend has to move away..
18 copy

They will be extra happy when you visit them!
19 copy

When someone is sick in the hospital..
20 copy

Tell them to get better soon!
21 copy

When your pet passes away..
22 copy

Wish them a good time in heaven!
23 copy

When your parents yell at you..
24 copy

You can learn your lesson and not get in trouble!
25 copy

So remember.. Keep smiling!
the end

The End!

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>///w///< SOOO CUTE! I'll trey harder to be more like Pollyanna! ( I love the pictures~ )
  • 2010-06-12 22:52
  • Kit
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[C164] @Kit

Ah, it's not that cute!
I can't always see the positives either.. I'm not Katfuka Fuura (Pen Name) FF

Anyway, Nozomu Sensei is at my computer desk haha!
  • 2010-06-14 15:14
  • mx
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I stumbled upon this by misclicking! I wonder if you'll ever read this comment? This post is so great. (TTwTT ) I really love all the pictures and text.

...I don't think my mum would buy me a new ice cream though.

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