Blue Screen?

I think I might have to update my computer's hard disk driver because my father complained it's happened to him. And I just got one, but it wasn't a blue screen. My computer just turned off. No blue screen. Nope. Just, "ぴゅぅーーーん" (Okay, Japanese is easier for sound effects. It says 'pyuuuuuuun')

But anyway, I need to celebrate. Oh ho ho! I've basically beaten every Pokeathelon competition! (Well, I did before but only realized today..) I'm angry because I can't beat Pennant Capture.. I need 40 flags and the highest I've ever gotten was 39! Hgnnn I'm so upset. So I gotta keep training.. Pokeathelon.. FOREVER!! Hahaha

So, I'm going to go train my Pokemon. They're all level 69! I gotta fix that fast because my team if even in genders FFF HAHA GET IT? DID I GET YOU? Oh, whatever.

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that's a sexy number.

I'll keep training to oneday beat you!
  • 2010-05-06 19:35
  • Kit
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[C160] @Kit

It might take awhile. Just kidding! You know my weaknesses, it should be easy to beat me.
  • 2010-05-06 20:34
  • mx*
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[C161] @mx

You keep leveling up so fast! I CAN'T KEEP UP!

not that you'd care if I bet you anyway...
  • 2010-05-15 20:44
  • Kit
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