This is a Good Season

Well, kind of. I don't really like spring to speak honestly.. But it's better than summer. That's for sure. I hate summer. Yeah, I know.. weird. But whatever. I'm more a cool weather person. And I like rain. Speaking of rain.. I was playing piano this morning, and just randomly, started to play the Song of Storms from, you know, Legend of Zelda blah blah. And to my surprise.. It began to rain. Just a tiny bit, but it rained! I swear since I was younger every time I sang that song it rained, or the next day it rained. No lies.

Well, I haven't been updating because I've been Pokeman-ing. I'm very upset because someone uninstalled my WiFi Hardware, and now it won't Re-install. I'm terribly upset. But I think everyone knows how that feels. Or maybe not, eh. But if I ever get it up and running again, I want to fight some people online. Or maybe do some trades. I'll be willing to trade a Weedle and Vulpix for a Caterpie and Growlithe.. Any takers? Please? I need them for my Pokedex.. In both Pearl and Soul Silver. Oh well. I'm sure no one will trade with my anyway.. I'm not that exciting.

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[C155] mx

you're a witch too then!making it rain and whatnot...

^ ^ I was born in the spring time~ I used to say I was a summer baby.. but that was incorrect.

I like all the seasons~ I just really don't like humidity. It's hard to breath in. >.<

man, I hope you get your wi-fi up and running soon!
  • 2010-05-01 21:33
  • Kit
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[C156] @Kit

You Springity baby!

I got Wi-Fi working again! I remembered what happened. Niko needed to plug his laptop into our computer, so we disabled the connection for the Nintendo WiFi connector.. I just needed to enable it.. derp.
  • 2010-05-05 20:31
  • mx*
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  • 2010-05-06 19:24
  • Kit
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[C159] @Kit

  • 2010-05-06 20:33
  • mx*
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