Oh, Bulbakaki

Ethan and Lyra
Main Player characters from HG and SS --

I got into the Oekaki scene when I was about.. What, 8? 9? I can't remember. It had to be atleast 2001 because that's when I recieved my lovely and sort-of healthy tablet. (Who has yet to recieve a name) But anyway. I'm a big fan of Bulbapedia, and when I found out that they had a Oekaki, meant for drawing the Pokeymanz, I jumped to that site FF Meh, my drawings are pretty crap, but it's real fun to look at other people's artwork and watching the animation of them drawing.

Well, I was taking a break from UTAU and thought I'd post this. Check the site out-- sometimes some real good artwork pops up!

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Pokefan mx.

Your art is't crap! I can tell what it is!
I like your art and watching your process.
  • 2010-04-22 21:28
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