Ah! March Break, at last!

Like it couldn't come fast enough! Honestly! I love breaks, especially when a game comes out before them. Like Brawl. I remember getting my copy of Brawl before March Break. That's also when the Xbox broke, haha. Anyway! So, new Pokemon HUH? And I've got online, soo.. Anyone want to fight me? Or trade haha. I mean, with Pearl or whenever I end up getting Soul Silver. Wow, what an excited little kid I am.. Too bad I have some work to do over the break, which includes finding a job. I need money for my cosplay fund! That's another thing I better get started on.. Oh no..

Well, I wish a good break to everyone! Stay out of jail! Make good decisions! (Haha!)

P.S., This is kinda weird.. But this is my 59'th blog entry, and my blog views were at 599. OH MY. WHAT A COINCIDENCE!? I THINK NOT! THIS WAS PLANNED, WASN'T IT?

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CONGRADULATIONS ON YOUR 59th 599th!!!!!!!!

Kay yeah, Cosplay fund. that is a must. Have fun in Johto kay?
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