Wait.. What?

Haven't updated in awhile.. Uhh, I guess I'm kind of nervous for once. I'm kinda afraid that I won't get into the school I hope to get into AND FRIG THEY ARE LOOKING AT MY PORTFOLIO TOMORROW. Well, and Saturday as well oohhhh my.

Anyways, WHAT A CONTRADICTION DAY? I come home, and my dad is making beef stew. Now, I guess that sounds pretty normal sounding to some people but.. MY FATHER NEVER MAKES THESE THINGS. He usually crafts weird.. things and calls it food. Plus, it's pretty mungie. I'd expect him to make pasta. (And he usually does, but it doesn't taste all too good...) Then, my mother comes home and she's all "Oh my, we have to go shopping!" And so, I bought a new portfolio case. (I was using my mum's old one.. so it's from the 80s. And it made me look all cool and old.) It's.. really big oh my. The inside is going to look empty haha. I also bought some new markers. I NEVER BUY ANYTHING.

But then my brother comes home.. and Battefield: Bad Company 2 comes out today. So then we drive to the mall and I pre-ordered Soul Silver YEAAAAHHH so I'm guaranteed a copy and a figurine. I didn't know I'd be getting anything FF I felt like an idiot because it was the first time ever pre-ordering anything. I feel all special.. and stuff.

Well, I better get back to drawing stuff FF, real fun. I have to draw a figure in a room.. WITHOUT A PENCIL FF HERE WE COME LIKE, 10 TRIES
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sounds like a fun day you had there.

pretty eventlfull~ And don't worry! you're awsome, the prof's will fall for you an you'll get accepted into every school! so you'll get your pick of the lot.
  • 2010-03-02 21:52
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[C146] @ ___

Oh, my days are always fun FFF WHAT NO. Most of them are really boring.. :I Sorry school..

I won't get accepted anywhere, what are you talking about. I mean, atleast they're acknowledging me FFF
  • 2010-03-03 21:27
  • mx*
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dude! come on! If you think you'll fail at everything, why do you even try?

like, seriously?
  • 2010-03-03 22:10
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