I'm Going to Call it 'Food Poisoning'

Haha, I haven't updated in forever. I mean it, oh my. Been busy with University/ College stuff and.. well, basically that's it. Haha.. I'm not even doing that right now. I'm enjoying a nice beverage and watching the Canada vs. US game. Pretty good if you ask me. The game, NOT MY FAMILY. My mother is too loud for her own good. She'll just start to yell and stuff and I usually rebuke with 'THEY CAN'T HEAR YOU!' But since it's the Olympics I said 'THEY'RE IN VANCOUVEEERRRR!' Speaking of Vancouver, the mascots are too cute. I squeal.

Anyways, Ms.Carina gets Persona 4 and burns me a copy of the soundtrack. That's basically all I've been listening to. Honestly. It's pretty good. I'd really like to play the game, but whatever. I won't be getting a PS2.. ever probably. I'll just have to watch all the cut scenes like I did for P3. :I What a good game. It's storyline is great, like MOTHER and such.. But you'd have to play to get it.

In the UTAU world, I distributed Peanut, the voice of a little boy. Don't ask any questions. Yes, that is my voice. I'm pretty versatile, haha. Thing is, UTAU totally stole from Peanut his redeeming quality.. The annoyance and weird vocal pitches. It's basically Peanut auto-tuned. I mean, that's basically what UTAU is anyway. So, kids. Go download him and get a laugh out of it. I probably should have put in some weird samples.. Maybe I'll update it, heh hehe..

And this just innn! I know this old, but MAN. The new supercell single !? It's delicious. Ryo is amazing with sound, and well.. Nagi's vocals are crazy. Lots of life in the song.

So, SoulSilver/HeartGold VERY SOON. Probably won't see much of me after it comes out. I might pre-order it. It would be my first pre-order ever. EXCITING!

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ha ha ha, I'll let you play it! ^w^ (just need to finish P3 first...)

Persona party anyone? takes place at midnight~

by the by.. you're layout is TOO CUTE! BOY WITH ANIMAL-LIKE CREATURES!? NUZZLING!? *stole my heart*
  • 2010-03-01 20:32
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[C142] @ ____

FF Yeah, you better finish it! I really, really want to blurt the ending out at you. IT'S SO HARD ARGHH
I'm not so sure about a Persona party. Especially if it's at midnight. On a school night.

  • 2010-03-02 06:50
  • mx*
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well, not on a school night. FINALLY BEAT HANGEDMAN! thanks for the pep-talk!
I'm not sure how well a persona party would go... especially if we use our.. "evokers"....
  • 2010-03-02 21:49
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[C145] @ ___


  • 2010-03-03 21:26
  • mx*
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