Recycled Hopes and Dreams

It was from the start,
I honestly knew that,
I could only go so far.
I had thought that,
maybe you were just that far away.

I could try harder,
I could work harder,
I could build a machine.
But always,
I sit and create friction
with myself, by myself,
I'm not going anywhere so,
maybe you were just that far away.

That was that,
This was this,
Still I
Still I
still i,
still.. i..
I've reclycled my
and everything that
has made me happy.

The distance between me
and myself is measured in km.
I know that you are that far away.

I was listening to too many GUMI songs, can you tell? Haha, probably not. Oh well. This one's pretty bad in my opinion.
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;m; you sound so sad in this one!
I read poetry, as secrets from peoples hearts.... and you sound like you need someone, to comfort your soul. So, don't worry...

I know you Realists hate this line but.. Everything WILL be okay. okay? ^ ^
  • 2010-02-09 22:24
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[C137] @ _____

I'm not sad, I write things that sound nice.. Not because I'm feeling anything haha.
  • 2010-02-10 06:58
  • mx
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[C140] ha ha ha

meh, I think that even when one just writes to make something pretty, your subconsious guides you, injecting the piece with repressed feelings the person didn't know they had.

kinda like drawing thereapy...
  • 2010-02-10 21:40
  • KIT
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