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Peyton, Mariette and Elizabeth
From left to right: Mariette Rousseux, Peyton Pryce and Elizabeth Gordon

So, school's started again. I'm sad because I have to wake up and stuff, but also really stoked. I mean, my day goes like this.. Draw, write, draw/photograph. I have one exam. OH MY. WHAT A GREAT WAY TO END MY LAST YEAR. It gets better.. FF I mean, I have all my friends in basically all my classes. If it where a serious class I wouldn't do any work, but since it's fun.. OH MYYYYY. I don't think I'll stop talking or begin work haha.

BUTTTT anyway. You're probably wondering what's up with this header of characters? That's where the 'fangasm' title comes in. No, no.. They aren't from any show. I just ended up drawing this chick once (the one with the curls) and then the boy. Then I had this weird dream about a cafe and a love triangle. HAHAHA HOW DO I COME UP WITH THIS. IT DOESNT SOUND LIKE ME AT ALL. I think I'm going to use it to get back into my Kusabana-Kun groove. (That's my terrible manga by the way) So, If I ever get any of this little thing done, I might post it here. Sounds cool, right? Haha, no. Whatever.

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kay, i wanna read this cafe manga, BUT KUSA IS MY FIRST PRIORITY >w< then dreamland....

YAAAAY! we have all classes together~ <3 ^ ^ so happy~ I hope all that time with me doens't make you sick of me... ^ ^; eh heh heh heh...
  • 2010-02-04 22:35
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[C128] @KIT

FFF Oh Kusa.. I haven't written anything in.. along time haha. I'll make it my first prioity when I get some stuff done!

Whoo classes!
  • 2010-02-05 14:35
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