So, hey. I went camping. That was fun. But you know, my bad weather magnet was intiallized and.. Well.. Yeah. It rained and rained- But, there weren'y that mant bugs so, I guess that was a plus.
But I am sick of seeing giant moths! Everyone knows that I am afraid of butterflies- and I guess moths are pretty close.. AND LIKE 10X CREEPIER! Ugghh.. Then I come home and play Animal Crossing- AND GUESS WHAT. MORE GIANT MOTHS.

The only thing notable about this trip is basically, there was a drunk racoon that kept coming around.. and this scary wasp that was trying to come back from the dead.. Oh.. Yeah. (And it make these really weird 'waaaaaaannn' noises... Scared the crap out of me because I was putting on a bathing-suit.. But number one was that these.. kids thought they could beat me at Pokemon. OH THEY WERE SO WRONG. They said straight up that they've used Action Replay and had like.. 100 Arceous'. (can't spell) But meh. I beat all of them with just my Roserade, then the next battle.. All of them with my Mismagius, then.. neext battle all of them with my Driftblim. (I'm a broken record, oh rite?)

Hmm.. What else happened in my journey of the last few weeks?
Well, my summer school CRAM SCHOOL is almost over, yay! After that I gotta draw a picture really quickly because I'm entering an art contest somewhere up north. That'll be fun. Go look it up, the Buckhorn Art Festival. YAH.

And I got my hair cut.
That's pretty magical. Yeah.
Right after I got my haircut I was mistaken for a boy.
I'm not so sure that's a good thing. (Oh no, wait.. I am male. FFFFF Okay, just kidding about that.)

And so.. Hey.
I guess I'll tey to update this more often. Just because I love to type--- and rant for that matter. Yeah, but I guess you all figured that out already.

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[C8] No title

An art contest up north huh? pretteh SMANSHY!

yeaaaah! you're "Cram School" is amlost over!~

  • 2009-07-24 21:25
  • mija chula
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[C9] No title

FFF I can't wait untill school is over!
  • 2009-07-24 22:08
  • mx
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[C10] No title

the same goes for me!

ARG! i needz to workie on chiyo....
  • 2009-07-25 23:35
  • mija chula
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