The Paragraph of Time Wasting

I wrote this a long time ago, while I was studying for exams. I read it every year and laugh at myself.

Maddison hates exams.
Every part of them.
She wishes to create a time-travelling device to skip her exams, but still get 100%.
She then noticed that this would never happen because it..
a) involves math
b) involves work
c) involved screw-ups, etc. etc.
She also noticed that she is almost in grade 12, so she should have thought about this years ago.
Then she thought of actually studying for the exam she has tomorrow morning.
She's going to fail I tell you, fail.
(And not just a 60%, an EPIC FAIL.)
You know why?
Because she's lazy and diverts her attention to many other things- including..
b)the cat
c)beating up her brother
d)and writing this as well
This is a big waste of time.
But she knew that along time ago, and kept writing.

(So, I had to change it because I'm in grade 12 now. I should also change it to 'the exam she's about to take in 2 hours' or something. Because, well.. It's at 12 and it's 10. Oh.. I studied more than I usually do with English, but I know I'm going to do bad. Or maybe I'm just so prepared that I feel scared? I just hope I can achieve atleast a 79 so my mark does not change. I want and 80, Iwantan80iwantan80iwantan80.. FFFT. Good luck on everyone else's exams and stuff too then..)
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ha ha ha your cat! and thrid-person!


  • 2010-01-26 23:31
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[C125] @ _____

Oh yeah, third person.

I hope I did okay...
  • 2010-01-27 10:32
  • mx
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