So, yeah. I guess I kinda messed up my New Year's resolutions to update more and stuff. But one of my resolutions was to stop using the computer so often. Haha, oh well. So, my computer broke down for awhile and I've been applying to too many Universities and Colleges.. FF I also partially blame Spirit Tracks and Animal Parade.

So ha, I guess I updated more! Whoo! I'm going to update with a review of Harvest Moon: Animal Parade when I get a chance. Man, it's too addicting. (Just like Animal Crossing.)

So say seated, FFF just kidding. You're already seated. (And I'm nothing intresting) But yeah, I basically won't be updating because of exams. Man, I hate those things. I have this strategy where I do well during the semester so that my exam doesn't completely ruin my mark. I don't know what's up with me and exams. They just hate me, I think. But yeah, English, Religion and fft Fashion. IT'S ALL WRITING, AUGHH! Sometimes I really hate school. Oh wel.. Gotta live with it for who knows how long now.

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Addicting If you want to know addicting, play Chibi-robo. you don't even notice how tired you get! dude, it's like, the cutest drug you will ever have.

but yeah, Exams really suck! XP bleh. I know you'll do awsome! >w<
  • 2010-01-18 22:49
  • Kit
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[C121] @Kit

I've kinda always wanted to play Chibi-Robo, but it also looked boring to me before. FF But you explain some of it, and it's so cute!

I really, really don't like exams. At all. (And I won't do good, I never do good. It's already been decided.)
  • 2010-01-19 06:48
  • mx
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I'll let you play on one of our PA days after Exams~ ^w^ you can come over for the day/ or overnight if you want~

I have this theory.. that Exams only exist, to decrease your mark. think about it, the grading system NEVER works in our favour! haven't you ever heard it being explained to you before? *sigh* I wish they stayed with the system that if you have a certain grade, you didn't need to take the exam.
  • 2010-01-19 19:59
  • Kit
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[C123] @Kit

I still want you to come over so you can play the new Harvest Moon game. (If you haven't gotten it yet, that is.)

Man, if they stayed with that program, I don't think I'd ever have any exams. FF I think you needed a 75 or an 80 to skip it or something. BUT ARGHH. I HATE THESE THINGS. I WISH THEY DIDNT EXSIST. (I guess I also wish I had fairy godparents to make my wishes true?)
  • 2010-01-23 12:40
  • mx
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