Merry Christmas!

Whoo? Haha, I don't like getting gifts, but everyone else does..! So I'm sorry If I haven't seen you to give you a little something.. FF It's more fun to give other people gifts than to recieve them, I think. But yeah, whoo! I guess it's over? Haha. No. Christmas is not only December 25. Christmas lasts from November untill January. I'm not kidding. Christmas also harbors what I like to call.. "Christmas People." You know them, those houses that not once inch of the lawn is bare? Everything has lights? FFF There has to be someone like that in every neighbourhood.

Well, I guess I'm out of things to say.. So I wish a good one! Happy Holidays! (Too all those who celebrate other things.) I need to go back my bag because I'm going up north. You'd think Canada is cold anywhere.. But man. Northern Ontario. I swear to god the snow-- it's up to the roofs of houses. (Okay, that only happens in Saskachewan..)

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^ ^ Merry Chirstmas! ^w^

man, your family loves travelling!
  • 2009-12-28 19:48
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