The jingle in your pockets
might stimulate ownership,
but rather,
it makes you look like a fool
as you fumble searching for the keys
that your numb hands can no longer
clutch onto.
Everyone will just laugh
you'll laugh too
but you're not secure.

They all say that cold air rises
but it's the warmth that has left
my heart
and head.
Desperately trying to create the friction
but it seems one side is working harder
than the other.
"It's Unfair."
But you gloss it off
just like the black ice
did to you.

Trying to reach your friend is a hassle
so instead
you decide to drive
but as the conditions worsen
more and more
things get in your way
maybe not only physically.
you've been cast off onto an island
with everyone else.
They're plotting against you.

Many like warm weather
because all is good.
But I like the cold.
But I hate the cold.
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I like your poetry but....

you alwys seem to make the worst of things...

I like the winter... ;_;
  • 2009-12-17 20:04
  • Kit
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