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Okay. So, for the long duration of my life, I've only drank orange pekoe tea. Why? Because it's basically the only tea that my family drinks. I started to drink earl grey because it sounds nice, but my whole family hates it.. Thus I thought I would hate it BUT IT'S SO DELICIOUS. MAN. I don't think I'll drink orange pekoe again FFF (Sorry buddy).

But other than that, I remembered that I had a Tegaki E account from along time ago. I don't even remember what jogged my memory about that place, but I did remember and I went and drew something. People don't comment anymore it seems. Which makes me kinda sad, but whatever. Haha.

Finally my mother decides that we're putting the Christmas tree up. I HATE DOING THAT ARGHH. But I had to comply, because it's my mother we're talking about. She never lets anything go. But THAT TREE ATE ME. I WAS STRINGING LIGHTS AND I HAVE CUTS ON MY HANDS. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN!? So this is my question to you. How did I recieve pain from a fake decorative tree?

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huh... that is.... quite strange...

Christmas is trying to smite you?
maybe it was the lights?

;_; poor pekoe...
  • 2009-12-11 23:34
  • Kit
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[C111] @ Kit

Christmas hates me because I like Halloween better, and it's because I don't believe in God.

Poor unfortunate pekoe..

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