Sometimes I wish..

So, today as I was walking home, I thought of this huge rant. I mean, I do it all the time. I was almost finished getting into my house and I thought, 'I really need to post this onto my blog'. But, do you think I remembered? No. Obviously not, I have a terrible memory sometimes. (Which is most of the time.. I mean, the things I want to remember I usually forget. My mind only retains weird information.) So as I'm standing in my kitchen with my cat, eating a banana with some peanut butter, I remembered that I wanted to write something here. But, you know.. Haha. I guess I'm ranting about ranting then, eh? But to say something I remember now.. FF To shorten the story, I have a religion class because I go to a catholic school. I'm not really catholic. But whatever. At first I didn't really like the teacher, but after awhile I was cool with her. We made up some funny jokes. Then, she just tells everyone that she's going into surgery and won't be here the rest of the year. Hold up? (FFHAHA) Yeah, so we get this stupid substitute that no one, I repeat NO ONE, likes. She gives us stupid homework and studders. I said something in class, but instead of letting me speak, has this speil about veal. VEAL.

I'm talking up someone's time for sure here, I guess. I better get back to reading up about Gandhi. He's a cool guy. Makes me feel bad to be British a little bit, though. Haha, oh well. So, I hopefully will be using all my birthday money to go buy Spirit Tracks? Haha, who knows. Everyone is saying it's a terrible game. I might get Metroid 3. I'm always a little too indecisive.

[edit] Man! Today 12 different people viewed my blog! I feel kinda special. Usually it's one or two people.. But twelve? Woo! Okay, why do I care so much? [/edit]

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  • 2009-12-10 02:53
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yeah I know what chu mean about the teacher..... I like our old one better.... But I'm still givinger her time before I reach my verdict about her... ^ ^;

OH! 12!? ^ ^ hee hee that's cool~ you may start to become and INTERNET IDOL~
  • 2009-12-10 19:00
  • Kit
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[C108] @Kit

There is no verdict. I don't like her. :I Unless she magically does something that will make me not hate her. (Although, the chances of that are quite slim.)

Man, I thought it was 12.. I go on today.. TURNS OUT 27 PEOPLE CHECKED IT OUT LAST NIGHT. OH MY. HOW? WHY?


ha ha ha, you're becoming an Idol already! *stupid winking peace-out pose*
  • 2009-12-11 23:32
  • Kit
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