Summer School IS SO AWESOME!

Okay, maybe it's not all that great, but.. I won't have to take math anymore! (OHHHH I will be so happy about that!) But my teacher is shorter than me.. Okay? I mean, I'm pretty short. I'm just 168cm tall.. But.. He's fresh out of teacher's college, so I was kinda scared. I mean, okay? Does he even know what he's doing? (Well, I guess he does since he graduated..?) But yeah. I'm not the most 'math oriented' person out there, and.. I feel kinda smart in that class. (Just because half of the kids in there failed..) But my teacher has this awesome laugh that scares me, but I want him to laugh again. I wish I could get it on tape, but.. Whatever.

In other news, my mug shot was finally sent to me. FFFF. I mean, I got my Driver's License in the.. flesh? now. I look scary, like about to kill someone scary. OOhh! I didn't know I looked that much like a pedophile when I wasn't smiling- FF Just kidding. But yeah. Now I get to go all WRRYYYYYYYYYY on the road now. Yeah, yeah.

So then, yeah. Playing around in VOCALOID is so awesome-- Just because I got the program to work. be prepared for many, many annoying stupid English talkloids. (Man, the Kagamine twins are terrible at english without.. Alot of help.)

But I guess that's it. I'll go back to Tazimily, I think Roscoe and I were supposed to get together.
Ohh.. Schmancy.. Ehhh..


-mx IS OUT
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[C4] your so silly

why do i enjoy reading your entries? are they full of win?

man, i can't wait for your talkloids
  • 2009-07-09 21:21
  • Cari-Mexicana
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[C6] Heyy! It's been a while!

Hey Maddison!
O0o0o driver's license eh!
i got mine too and my G1!
it's not complete yet though... b/c of the road test.
but omg, my pic is horrible too! absolutely gross!
oh and i did driving school last week too.
have you done your in-class lessons yet?

I'm glad summer school is going well for you!
I was about to ask how it was too.

All of us definitely need to hang out soon!

Miss ya!

(I'll try to call you some time!)

[C7] No title


(FFF Sorry I didn't reply eariler, I forget about this site sometimes..)

But yes!
I have to put my tea party in full speed and invite everyone to a formal lunch at my house!

  • 2009-07-23 17:12
  • mx
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