(Walking up towards the throne,
one foot - planted to the solid rock
the other, following hesitantly.
The marble, laughs one deep note
of happiness or of jealousy from under me.
All the people of the world were observing me,
I could feel their gaze watching every unsure step I take.
Wasn’t I born for this? Wasn’t I bred for this?
With all the frowns, I force a faux smile to the crowd.)

Here today I stand (shaking)
to tell you that the day has come
where we will start a new journey
not out at sea, but rather
here on land.
Because no longer
will you have to put up with
the absence of a leading figure.
(Though my posture is quite thin)
Here today I stand,
tomorrow as well
and the day after that,
a leader- not a follower.
A new King.
A king of many, of plenty, of patience.
I, unlike the ones before me, will not be moved
even by the sweet salt of the ocean.

(Filling my lungs with recycled breath
I shudder, as do plants during harsh times
but of excitement not of death.
Letting go of all past fear
inhaling something of the new year.
I re-assure myself I am good enough
so I firmly place my foot upon the ground,
the ground that my people walk on,
the ground where at one time I doubted myself,
the ground where my father is now at ease,
the ground that I now claim as mine.
It might take longer than expected but
this burden is mine, and mine only.
I can make this what it was meant to be.

Although, if I am anything like father,
I might start drifting like a boat in a current.)

Based upon the poem ‘Ulysses’ by Lord Alfred Tennyson. (The title Τηλέμαχος, is Telemachus written in it traditional Greek, as to go along with the one-word title of the original.) *As a note, the words in brackets are sentences where the speaker is addressing himself.

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[C90] to the writer


it's so.. sophiticated! ^ ^ but what esle can you expect from miss maddi?

it's nicely written! I enjoy it~
  • 2009-11-20 19:21
  • Kit
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[C91] @Kit

Sophisticated? Hahaa.. I don't think it's that sophisticated. (Or anything like that)

Mmmhh, it's not written that well. Your dramatic monologue had more emotion in it. (Or so I think.)

[C92] para: miamore

: 3 I'm pretty simple minded so I thought it was all high-class writtings n stuff.

ah! y-you think so!? I hope I get a good mark! >m<
  • 2009-11-23 20:54
  • Kit
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