Le moment de briller!

Il y a pour pas un grand moment... FFF So, Halloween is tomorrow, isn't it? (Well, it's late here.. almost the next day!) FFF I thought that I would share that with you because it makes me giggle. Anyway, I had this weird dream, and I think I'll write it out here.

Basically, there is a man walking up to a woman, they're close in age and the woman has a small child in a stroller. She smiles at him, to be polite and pushes the stroller foreward to get out of the man's way- but he stops the stroller. So the woman starts to get like, a little spooked, right? The man is like 'You have to leave your husband!' and she was all 'Oh my, why? You don't even know me!' The man was all, I'm your son! I came from the future! But it was a little more detailed than that. So the woman think's she's high and is like 'I can't believe this, no way. Prove that you're from the future,' So he shows his mother the birth certificate and she doesn't believe it because she doesn't have a son named that, right? So he convinces her that he's the second son and stuff. Then she starts to believe him becase stuff makes sense.. But like, jumping useless dialogue, he sacrificed his own life so that his family could be safe and like, the apocolypse doesn't happen.

FF Weird.. But cool. I think I might write it out soon.. Just like the other dream I had of the guy who was never late for anything.. except that one time. (So he brutally mudered himself on public transit. It's a terrible story, I know.)

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sounds like a really good movie!
you always have interesting dreams.
  • 2009-10-31 14:43
  • Kit
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[C83] @ Kit

Maybe if it was the whole thing it could be one of those interesting plot-filled action movies. Hmm.. Maybe I'll sell the idea to someone.. I could have so much money! (And get so much intrest.. hahaha..)

My dreams are too interesting for me. Someone more awesome than me should have better dreams.
  • 2009-10-31 22:58
  • mx
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[C84] yo MX!

you should right your dreams into a best-selling book! then when you're older, some director will want to make it inot a movie!

BAM! set for life!

HEY! you'r dreams are how your subcounsious views the world. so if you're dreams are intersting, YOU are interesting.
  • 2009-11-01 22:04
  • Kit
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