Well, I haven't really written anything in awhile. After my brother's Xbox360 Online subcription ended, he latched onto the computer. So I get to go on when he goes to bed. WHICH IS HARDLY ENOUGH TIME TO RECORD, MESSAGE, RECEIVE MESSAGES, DRAW, ANIMATE, WRITE, etc.. (I do too many things on my computer.) So, anyway.. I started my greedy list. It doesn't have many things on it. There are never any cool things I want.. FF But I thought I'd start now since.. It's a month 'till my birthday! Woooo! (It's not that exciting. Really. REALLY.) Nothing I ever do is exciting, I'm not an exciting person. FF

But!! OH MY, HALLOWEEN! It's my favourite time of the year! (I'm serious) My costume is pretty awesome. I make quite the spiffy butler. Ummhmm. Me and Miss Kit are going as an awesome pair (because we always do! Tradition!) and she's an adorable Kitty-Maid. So, when we go trick-or-treating I'm going to have to keep an eye on her. (In case any creepy people come along, but they won't. There aren't many creepy people in Canada.)

So, enjoy your Halloweens everyone!
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[C81] >MX

you have the ability to be awsome!

mmm hmm! Spiffy indeed!

YAY FOR TRADITION! >w< costumes are so much cuter in pairs!
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