So, man.. I re-visited a fun song.. Saihate! FF Sorry, I love the fact that there are zebra's in the videos and stuff. I love zebras.. They are black and white! Haha.. Anyway.. I got Meiko to sing it! Why? Meiko and Kaito are my favourite Vocaloids! (Yeah, I am cool.)

Sadly. I'm not so great with VOCALOID.. The second version is a little easier for me. That's why at some points it sounds like Meiko has cotton in her mouth.. Haha, no really. But yeah, I got Michiyo to do some backing vocals, but you can hardly hear her.. That's okay. She's not as awesome as Meiko! FF

So, I better get back to fixing Chiyo now. Haha! I swear she'll be up and running in no time at all! But man, she's sounding great- listen to all the old stuff I made her sing.. And then listen to the newer stuff. Huge improvement. Yup. All thanks to me! (Pompous..) But yeah. I'll probably update with some new Chiyo stuff after, because I'm working with her. Don't you get antsy Carina!

[edit] Here's the video on Youtube. I don't think I will upload it on Nico Video.. Hmm.. Maybe I will.
サイハテ -heavenly mix- [/edit]
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