So I am dedicating this little rant to you, you.. You annoying website! First I was angry because the site would delete messages I haven't read, or never delete the things I've read.. But that's tolerable. I figured that one out, and the bug was fixed. But this,, oh. What idiots came up with the idea for these new channels? I saw them awhile ago and I was totally confused.. Where are the favourites? Where are the videos? Plus, even though I have nice high-speed internet, the stupid pages take and extra long time to load on my computer.

When they first started to change peoples, I thought that if I customized the page it would take longer for them to change mine, and I guess I was right for that short period of time. But then one day at school, Kitsunojo's like "NOOO! They changed my page!" I hoped that they didn't change mine.. Low and behold. I log in and click my user page and this little pop up attacks me and tells me that 'we changed your page!' and happy too! So we came up with the plan to send them hate mail send them complaints so that they can atleast be sensible and not just change the pages. I'm sure many people like ourselves don't like them.

And this is the Contact Us page? Frig, the faggots would be all tricky and place things about advertising and innapropriate videos, and their address at the bottom. I swear it didn't exsist before. I'm going to call them, I swear. I know it won't happen, but whatever.

I'll use the fax machine at my mother's work and send them distasteful messages.

Well, I know it's such a trivial thing, but.. Come on. It's like deciding to kill a patient without first consulting the family. (Haha, okay. It's not that drastic.. But not once did I get a memo that they were going to change my user page. I mean, that's inconsiderate. And, damn, it's my page and I can't even navigate it.) Also, as a plus this is my 25th blog post! To let you all know, 25 is my favourite number! Yeah!
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no my dear, it IS that drastic

  • 2009-10-12 09:06
  • Kit
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[C51] > Kit

Okay, whatever you say.
  • 2009-10-12 12:24
  • mx
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