Pfft. We just crossed the street.
Okay, man. I usually don't play many FPS (First Person Shooters), unless you count Quake 3 Arena for the PC.. FF I usually find them pretty much a nuisance- because basically that's all they make anymore. They need to appeal to the American Demographic. There aren't any storylines and it's just blowing people up. Yeah, fun, I'm playing Harvest Moon. But just recently my brother switched games with one of his friends. So instead of the constant gun noises and people yelling I heard.. Different gun noises and creepy ambience! FF Turns out he 'rented' Left 4 Dead from his friend. All I told myself was- Uh. Another stupid zombie game. But my brother interupts- They aren't zombies! Well, then I kinda got interested. Then he asked me to play Xbox Live with him and.. I creamed some kids. (And it was my first time.. FF)

I mean, like I said, I usually hate FPS like Halo (unless I'm playing against Ryan.. FF) but.. The creepy noises and the dark rooms and the fact you can play as a zombie is pretty fun. FF I don't get scared though. My brother did though. (He's scared easily. Just don't tell him that, he'll get defensive.)

So, if you have a 360 and are bored one rainy night, I suggest renting. I haven't played the story mode (if there is one), so I don't now how well that portion plays out- but the multiplayer is pretty fun.

So, what do you think of the header? Haha, I got bored one day I thought I should change it and a few other things on the blog. (Like the links are black now, cool huh? I swear I used to be an HMTL whiz.) See look? Black links! Oh and listen to this! I'm sure you've heard the song before. (Kuri also thinks she can sing without music.. Because I added her in after.)
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Kuri's pretty kickass. she can do anything she wants.

Michiyo sounds amazing by the way!

....... Chiyo, i can only blame myself. the poor lass
  • 2009-10-09 21:28
  • Kit
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[C48] >Kit

Kuri = win.
Michiyo = not so much win
Chiyo = so adorable it doesn't matter
  • 2009-10-09 22:21
  • mx
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