So, my dad is a cool guy. He's like 'Hey, I wanna go get a book.' So I went along with him. I was happy because I haven't been to a book store in awhile. I love book stores, yeah! So I look around for a bit and make my way to the back of the store to the manga section. So I go straight to REBORN! because I want to finish the series (but I am sure it won't end..) and they had the next volume, whoo! Then I look up and I see 'Sayonara, Zetsubou Sensei' volume 1..! FFF The last few times I went I was looking for it and they had two volumes! Haha.. So then I felt bad putting down the Reborn book.. Because Zetsubou Sensei is a Delray, or whatever. Errr.. I'm so used for my manga to be like.. 9 dollars. (All her volumes are Shounen Jump.. FFFFFFFF)

So, I hope I don't go all super fangasm! on Zetsubou sensei. I just think it's hilarious. (And I need to find a better place to find the English subs. I think I was at episode 6, which is halfway through the first season.. hahahaha..)
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