Is it just me, or does that game.. totally take over your real life?
Now I have to differenciate between.. Real life and Animal Crossing life!

Pour example..
I'm taking to my friend and it's all, hey I just did this. In Animal Crossing.

Or I have to tell my mum- hey! I just did this.. In my video game..

I think it's just Animal Crossing though.. I mean, when that game came to the English speaking people in the early 2000's.. It looked like a really dumb game- I mean, it is- but you played it anyway, Then.. You start to get sucked into it.. Like a vortex.. But then you get bored after awhile. Hmm. Whatever. I guess I forgot to send that package to Olivia.. Hmm.. Okay. You don't play for a few months. Right? You get bored. Then--! Suddenly, you decide, "hey, man. I feel like playing Animal Crossing." So you turn it on- NINTENDO!!!!!- okay.. COCHROACHESSSSS. FFFF NOOO!

Then woah! What? A sequel? WILD WORLD. YEAH. DS? OH YEAH. So you buy it, because deep down inside, you want to live in this town- I'm right, aren't I? And I was so happy! Portable Animal Crossing? COOL. You don't even need to talk to that stupid gyroid to save your game? BRILLIANT. And whats this? NO STUPID HATS! MAAAAAAAAAN!

Okay. Then you get bored of that one because your brother wants it back, BUT IT'S ACTUALLY YOUR GAME! (Well, it isn't..)

Then.. Magically.. CITY FOLK. Okay, my new obsession.. I must admit.. I have to go to rehab for this. (Or maybe not?) It's so.. Beautiful. (Okay, maybe not.) But I can't put down my Wii mote.. Ahh.. (Well, untill the bateries die.. But I'll just go grab some more..)

But I guess I'll just bored of that too.. Like the other ones. OR MAYBE I WON'T! Maybe I'll have to friggn' play it! YEAH! Because my stupid grass is melting away.. ? What was that? Nintendo's really making me angry here! Trying to add all these.. Little quirks that I obviously love to hate in this game. Like the bed head? FFFF. I got so angry about that. I spent forever trying to find that perfect hairstyle.. But no. NOO. Oh well.

I guess it's end rant here.
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am i the only one whoever really comments?
  • 2009-07-14 23:26
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