Man, the new AFI CD already came out! My sources were telling me otherwise.. Dumb sources.

But anyway, today I truely saw how terrible my father is at technology. He's one of those people who needs an instruction booklet for an iPod. (No, seriously.) But, anyway.. I sit down at my computer to do some voice acting for my UTAU library and.. "Eh.. Hey, Maddison. You know those little asian songs you sing? Can I put them on my iPod?" and of course, I'll help him. Because he doesn't understand any of it.. Ughh.. So I got into a rant about UTAU/ Real me. And my dad was getting all confused, even though he knows what VOCALOIDS are.. Basically, I got them on the MP3 and he said he wanted songs of me actually singing. So, I tried to put some Peanut songs on there. But he got angry so I had to stop.. Hahaha ha...

The good thing about going through all this trouble is I got to re-do a few songs because they were low quality.. FF Also, I'm getting a small piece of fish and more rice for dinner tonight! Yeah!

Message of today= Be good to your parents. Because (sometimes) they do good things for you afterwards.
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I can still get away with stuff by looking cute~
  • 2009-09-30 21:05
  • mija chula
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[C30] >Kitsunojo

Well, I am not cute so it does not work. Stop flaunting. STOP IT. STOPPP EEETTTT! Like you in your Fashion class shirt.. PEOPLE COULD NOT UNSEE THE CUTE THEY HAD TO BE SUBMISSIVE.
  • 2009-09-30 21:15
  • mx
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EEEK! >////< that shirt was too embaressing!

I didn't think that the neck line went down that low.....
  • 2009-10-01 21:22
  • mija chula
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