Haha, okay. It isn't. But whatever. I can believe whatever I want to believe if you are believing in me! (Fail.) But, anyways.. After I made a little Pokeman version of myself, I decided it would be pretty cool if I made the PSS girls as well! So, ta-da! I did them! (And Chiyo looks much better!)
pss pkmn
See? SEE? They are so cute, eh? I guess if you want to, you can use them. Okay.

In other news.. The new Harvest Moon game is making a slow approach to being released! And same with Heart Gold/ Soul Silver.. But Harvest Moon is first with a November 10th release. Ha! That's near my birthday! So, yeah. I better get a job to buy those games when they come out.. FFF So I better be working on my resume/ CV now.. Hurrrr..

Also, for those kids you read this hoping to find news about PSS and stuff, I guess you can be kinda in luck this time.. I just wanna say we haven't died, okay? I mean, this project has been around for a year now and we really just want the voicebanks to be real awesome. I can say that at thus far, the voice libraries are really getting worked on because we want to release them as soon as possible. But it probably won't happen for a while. We've got a few suprises up our sleeves!

[edit] For once I have made a decent sounding UST, so be proud of me! It's 'dolls' by Kagamine Rin! Yeah. I decided to use Sora because of his lisp. I bet if dolls could sing, they would have lisps too.
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The sprites look sooooooo cute~
man< i need to work on my resume too.

I want a job at that ice cream store. > <
  • 2009-09-27 22:17
  • mija chula
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FFF The sprites are pretty ugly. I better be working on mine then.. Gah! I want my mum to stop yelling at me..

But yeah. I want a job at the ice cream place. Yumm.. But then I'd get sick of ice cream so I don't know...
  • 2009-09-28 13:47
  • mx
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you can bring home some treats for KAITO
  • 2009-09-28 18:26
  • mija chula
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That's a great idea!
  • 2009-09-28 20:08
  • mx
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