“That isn’t what I meant at at!!” But the phone clicked on the other end regardless. She rested her shoulders against the wall and gripped the phone tightly. Wanting to tug it off the wall, but had thought better. Resting it back in the cradle she inhaled and tried to control the exhale.
It’s better to live and cry alone, isn’t it? When they ask “are you alright?” “is there anything I can do to help?” I want to laugh. Hold myself up clumsily to the wall and laugh at it. Your input means nothing to me; you just want to feel responsible when things start to look up. It’s not consoling or reassuring that you stood and held my shoulder for a complete total of six seconds. Maybe time was moving three times slower for you, but at this point the time spent wouldn’t have mattered. Hasn’t the damage already been done?
Even if I pull my knees up to my nose, drink something warm, and breathe deeply, I will eventually be face down on the hardwood sobbing. When things get better, I’ll smile. But it’s always going to end with an uneven breath, tight wet eyes smile.

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