Summer is coming...!

In a way, it's already here! I had my last class on Friday, but I still have an assignment due on Tuesday. I probably could have had it done for the original due date of Thursday, but because the teacher is ill there was an extension. So now I have lots of time to work on it, which is good, since I can probably sit down and finish it all in one day.... aha...

But wow. Finishing first year felt like an accomplishment, and I feel like the joy doubled this time! I have no idea why, do be honest ahah! Despite all the projects and the one terrible instance of "I'm not sleeping I have to do work", I enjoyed my second year much more.

Not only were the projects more typical of what a graphic designer would be doing in the work place, but I also started talking to a handful of new people and nothing makes things more enjoyable new faces to have fun with!

And of course, we closed the semester with what's shaping up to be a tradition:


Sushi! (Try and imagine about 3 more plates like this for 7 people, plus other food)

Overall, I think I learnt a bunch more this year, and I'm really glad I've gotten the chance to attend post-secondary education. I guess I tend to overlook things, and privileges like this are definitely something I forget about ahaha... (sorry mum & dad)

I think my goal for this summer is to tighten up my portfolio and maybe do a bit of (would you call it freelance) illustration on the side. Though really, who would buy my artwork aha...!

Until next time, enjoy the rainy weather and study hard!

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[C283] yay Maddi! ( ^ o ^ )/

hee hee, this entry is so cute~ Oh gosh, this time next year you'll be graduating! I know you'll do great Maddi!
  • 2012-04-14 22:54
  • kit
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[C284] ( ´∀`)

(Seeing you talk so happily about making friends and enjoying school is kind of cute eheheheh ububu)

Congratulations on finishing your second year! Wow that sure is one nice tradition... And healthy! Conpared to how many people eat pizza or hamburgers to celebrate instead.

[C285] @Kit

I'm kind of afraid of graduating... But I sure hope I can ahaha!
  • 2012-04-15 10:27
  • mx
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[C286] @Nin

Waahhh, not cute at all! And Thanks!

Pizza and hamburgers are boring compared to sushi!!
  • 2012-04-15 10:28
  • mx
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[C287] @mx

Hamburgers are GREAT, mang! But sushi is so underrated.

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