Nature is Surprising

That's when I need to draw the line and slap Earth in the face for snowing in April! Also, sorry I haven't updated in awhile. I've had lots of work to do! And I'm on the last stretch here, with Friday being my last day!

I'm pretty excited, as I'll be done my second year of college haha! Though it is upsetting when people ask me "what grade I'm in"........ am I really that short or young looking? Though I guess the average age for this program is probably 23 (give or take) and I'm.. not that old ahhaa... I bet I'm even the youngest in the class hehe, I feel sort of special when you think of it that way.

But I should get back to work! I wanna get everything done and enjoy summer a whole lot! Good luck on all your exams (suckers) !!!!!!
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[C282] Being the youngest is nice

Well, being the youngest means you didn't get held back years or had trouble deciding what college to go to, I guess? I mean, the younger you enter college, the more it means you sped through high school like a wunderkind, right? Ha ha.

Enjoy your summer break (FFFFF--)

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