I'm sure it's not just all this work that's got me a little on edge. Yesterday wasn't very good as I honestly locked myself in my room to finish work. Got a good portion of it done though, so I can't complain.

But what's got me a little upset is this. Now, I'm sure if you looked into my blog history you'd come across a post from last year-- probably dealing with the same thing. Crazy drunk student setting things on fire on St. Patrick's Day.

Number one, I feel bad for the stereotypes placed upon Irish people, ahha, I'm sure they don't even 'celebrate' this because (If I remember correctly) St. Patrick isn't even Irish? But anyway. I'm sure lots of people went out to drink, it's a given.

But shouting loudly, setting things on fire, destroying fences, flipping news cars and setting those on fire is something gone a little too far. I need to think about this. I wonder how the people living there feel? The ones that aren't barbarians I mean. There are good University and College students, I've seen lots of them! (I'd like to think myself as a good one, aha...) Though of course, on an outer level, all of them are terrible. I'm not going to lie, lots of them are terrible.

(I'm going out on a tangent here, aren't I?)

I just hope the school responds with something-- like expelling those students. Ones that aren't arrested. Actually, I hope most of them get arrested. And pay for the damages. Anyway, maybe next year they'll finally get the hint that they're causing a lot of bad reputation for the school.

I mean, most people discard anything I have to say to them because I chose to go to a college opposed to a university. People need to learn that one isn't better than another. They teach you different ways to learn, and one is a whole lot more expensive to attend. Not that either of them are cheap, mind you. But the comments on that news story are about as sick as the people who actually participated.

How are Fanshawe students scum of the Earth? Are you trying to tell me Western students didn't participate? Of course they did! And guess what, because the affected area is RIGHT ACROSS FROM THE SCHOOL, this school gets all the blame. Not that the blame isn't rightfully put. Fanshawe definitely has to do something about this area. Not only does it look like a trash heap, the people living there are part trash heap.

Now I don't remember what my main point is. But anyway, I just hope that they can fix this correctly, even if they can't stop Western students from being absolute insufferable pricks. Oops, I went there! People need to stop categorizing due to what school you went to.

I can generally categorize what you do on the weekend, so I shouldn't be talking, but please. Can these people stop coming to school and fully develop? It's mean to say, but if you're acting this way and you think it's fun and great, you aren't a human being.

Human beings are crazy animals.

P.S. don't read my twitter, the language got a little out of hand!
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