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I have no idea why, but waking up to a foggy and dew soaked morning is such a nice feeling! If it weren't so hot I would have a cup of tea and just sit and watch but... I've got other things to do. Let's tally it up:
  • For Monday: Thumbnails and Roughs (almost finished) and Astronomy Test (study notes half made)
  • For Tuesday: Thumbnails and Roughs (I did this!)
  • For Wednesday: Research Presentation (Well, this isn't even started and my group doesn't seem to enthused to actually begin or do any work)
  • For Thursday: Website due (close to being done) and Essay about Pluto (outline done)
  • For Friday: Poster about automobiles (almost done car)

Well, I've certainly got a lot on my plate. I want to finish things but, teacher's aren't e-mailing me back, and group members aren't even in town this weekend so... I'm trying to get most of my work done. This is a problem because I'm so bad at getting work done.

To make things even worse, today is St. Patrick's day (rather be called 'get drunk day') so noisy people throughout the day is going to through me off... I'm glad two of the projects had a date extension (due to teachers being ill) but I sort of wish they were due this last week and I would have less to fret over today. But I should say 'welcome to the real world Maddison!'

It's frightening and I don't like it! I don't ever feel stressed, just overwhelmed. Are they not closely knit? I'm not sure. But just seeing all these things I have to complete makes me anxious and I don't want to delve far enough into any of them. Which has happened already, pieces of each thing are completed but nothing is actually done.

Every New Years I tell myself I'll become less of a procrastinator and guess what aha... Nothing ever changes. The more time moves, the more it stays the same. I guess that's the saying? I can't say I've heard it in speech much.

Haha, this is turning more into a personal dialogue or stream of conscience-ness. And for that I'll apologize. You guys go out there and real wasted then!!!! (did those exclamation points properly show my sarcasm or..?)
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