A Town Nearing Spring

Although, I wish! I'm always complaining about the weather, am I not? Haha anyway-- I was planning on posting art here for awhile but the thing is the space and bandwidth. A little something is fine to plant in here, but most of my drawings are big and hard to scale down while still looking nice. So I guess if you want to see some art you should bookmark this page and this page!

I've been in a real mood to paint and use markers but I have no idea what the subject matter should be! This is a big dilemma for me aha,,, You see. With paper and pencil it's not serious so I can just doodle and write whatever I feel like. It will be loose and fun! But when I want to paint something or colour something nicely, I'm afraid what I've chosen to draw is a bad idea! Markers and paints cost more and that might be the main reason... I don't want to waste them! I guess Digital Art really has it's perks aha.

Speaking of Digital Art, Corel Painter......... I must use it for class, and I mean yeah! The brushes are pretty neat. They're pretty close to real medium in a way. But the program itself really hates me. I don't think any previous program has disliked me so much. Even Photoshop (generally) agrees with me! (Actually, I haven't had a problem with it, more Illustrator.)

But anyway, I could go on and on about art-related programs. Have yourself a good day!
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